"Coaching with Alicia was like having a mirror held up to my face reflecting back to me my habitual thoughts and perspectives."

What is coaching?

Coaching is professionally facilitated life change. It is a relationship, co-designed between client and coach, that builds an understanding of where clients are now, how they want to show up, and what they are willing to do to get the future they want. This is done by creating a space for the client to learn more about themselves which enables them to move into action. Coaching accelerates the client's progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. 

Common coaching myths 

  • Coaching is like therapy - Both coaches and therapists help clients create change in their lives. However, compared to therapy, coaching conversations focus on the now and the vision for the future. Coaches see their clients as experts of their own lives while therapists often take on the expert role in the relationship.
  • Coaching is like mentoring - Coaches are trained to be curious and to ask open ended questions that allow clients to find their own answers. Mentors are experts in a particular topic and can be a trusted advisor in guiding a client's path in a particular area of focus identified by the client.

  • Coaches will tell me what to do - A coach's focus is guiding a client's journey of understanding themselves and developing skills to find solutions and make decisions that work specifically for the client. A coach may offer advice or brainstorm options, where appropriate, but this is not the primary purpose.

  • Coaching is for executives or managers only - Everyone can benefit from coaching. The same skills that support leadership growth for high potential employees can provide benefit to anyone with a desire to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Why hire a coach?

  • Discover what is uniquely you, what makes you tick, and how to leverage yourself to make changes

  • Accelerate your progress with greater focus and awareness of choice

  • Keep focus and accountability to tackle procrastination and negative thinking

  • Build momentum to stay motivated

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