Workshops & Trainings

Tell me and I will forget

Show me and I may remember

Involve me and I will understand

Confucius 450 BC

I offer custom built trainings for groups and teams seeking improved collaboration and cross-functional work dynamics. Each workshop's particular content is selected following a discussion aimed at understanding the culture and needs of individual clients. My workshops depend on active participation by attendees and are rooted in experiential learning to produce a lasting impact.


deepening your listening

Listening is more than hearing spoken word. Effective listening occurs when we understand how to listen at different levels so we can assign appropriate meaning to what we are hearing. Participants of these workshops walk away knowing how to think critically about what they are hearing and how to deepen their relationships with colleagues and partners by listening for what is important to those with whom they interact. 


cracking the communication code

Today's collaborative environments require us to build trust by communicating effectively. Participants of these workshops gain awareness of how they communicate today and will walk away with techniques for succinct communication across words, body language, and tone of voice. Delivery of critical information will be clearer and communication will be increasingly seamless with practice. 


Fearless feedback

So many of us can identify what is not working, but few have the skill to translate this into how to work more effectively. In this workshop, we explore the differences that separate each of us and how to bridge those differences by adapting a feedback model centered on the impact of behaviors. Participants throw away traditional models of giving feedback and adopt a learning mindset to identify opportunities to improve interpersonal working dynamics.