What to Expect


My Biggest takeaway...

I was able to gain better clarity.
The value of a trusted 3rd party helping me verbalize and question feelings beyond their face value to understand "the why."
I am headed down the right path.
I learned about myself and what motivates me.
Understanding my feelings and turning them into behaviors that led to professional improvement.
It was valuable to have someone who keeps the bigger picture in mind.
My value of self-reliance and responsibility comes at a cost.
Understanding the root of the pressure I'm feeling.
I can ask for what I need.

I was most surprised that...

The things we discussed would bubble up and I felt like I was equipped to work through them in a productive manner.
I didn't expect to go deep. I'm good at keeping things at the intellectual level and Alicia got me inside the emotion.
I initially felt like I didn't know the answer to Alicia's questions, but then I realized I did.
It tapped into a deeper level of self-understanding.
How deep we went and how quickly we got there. 

Coaching With ALicia...

Gave me more confidence to move forward and re-frame the way I think about approaching people and situations.
Kept me grounded throughout major changes, allowed me to create meaningful goals and kept me accountable.
Was like having a mirror held up to my face reflecting back to me my habitual thoughts and perspectives.
Gave me more confidence in myself. I feel more powerful and more comfortable in my own skin.
Encouraged to move forward and keep going down the path I've planned for myself.
Made me realize that I was standing in my own way and the negative impact of that behavior  on my business. 

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