Alicia is a remarkably insightful coach. We began meeting at a time when my life was beginning to transition in many ways, mostly out of choice, but I was struggling with how to take action. Alicia provided a safe place to share the obstacles honestly, but more importantly she was able to cut through and help me to discover the core of why certain things were difficult. This approach allowed me to focus less on reacting and more on digging deeper to understand the source. This practice made solutions clear and setting goals tangible. Alicia helped mold the way I think about approaching problems and equipped me with tactics to help me constantly check in with myself and make sure things are in line with my greater goals.
Before speaking with Alicia, I was unsure of how I wanted to proceed with my business. Through a series of questions that allowed me to talk through several of my roadblocks, I was able to come to a more clear understanding of what I really want to accomplish. Alicia also helped me adjust my mindset which made me comfortable with what I need to do in order to grow my business.
Alicia has done a great job as my coach. I create the agenda for our sessions and she effectively helps me to stay on track and in action toward the goals I’ve identified. She’s very good at holding my larger vision in mind while I concentrate on the immediate next steps. Coming from the business world, she relates well to many of my work situations. Alicia is a definite “value-add” if you’re looking to move forward on your goals.
I have been struggling at work, feeling unable to control and succeed in projects I’m deeply invested in. Alicia’s coaching guided me to a shift in my perspective. By taking a deeper look into where the pressure I’m feeling originates, I was able to identify that it was self imposed. I have been holding myself personally accountable for outcomes that are out of my control. Alicia encouraged me to shift this perspective and create boundaries where decisions and outcomes no longer belong to me, allowing me to release my anxiety. By focusing on my contributions, I can limit my stress over the final outcomes.
I was really stuck with some emotions that I was unable to let go of. Alicia’s gentle presence and powerful questions created a safe place to explore how I was stuck and discover how to move forward. After Alicia’s coaching, I have new insights into the choices I make and what they cost me.
Alicia has a special gift. She has the ability to help individuals identify elements within themselves that they may not recognize or have the courage and know-how to bring to the surface. Her support, her patience, and her genuine desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives sets her apart.
Working with Alicia has been incredibly rewarding. She has helped me navigate my thoughts and feelings about work and how that ties to the other parts of my life in a way that feels both organic and actionable. As a result, I feel much more in control and motivated. I find easier to put plans into place to ensure professional development and happiness in my career.
Alicia helped me uncover that I have some limiting beliefs and insecurities about my business and its value. Now I can move forward with more confidence.
Alicia helped me identify the sources of my unhappiness and gave me ideas about very concrete steps I can take to address them. I definitely feel more comfortable and content than I did before coaching.
Alicia is incredibly insightful in her coaching style and technique. Her observations and questions allowed me to unravel some behavioral patterns. We were able to get pretty deep fairly quickly. My sessions with her are invaluable to me, and she holds me accountable. She’s an awesome coach!
Alicia is a calm presence in the face of an emotional storm. Throughout our conversations, she calmly guided me to a-ha! moments with ease and grace. Her insights and questions truly incite personal transformation.
I felt renewed with a fresh perspective, and now have a solid framework for staying grounded in chaotic situations. I would highly recommend Alicia for both productive feedback and promoting self-reflection.