To hell with circumstances. I create opportunities.

- Bruce Lee

“What do you want?” is one of the most powerful coaching questions posed to clients. It seems so obvious at first glance that we’d consider what we want, but it’s rarely put into practice consciously.

We tend to take inventory of our situation and decide what we will do as a result. The automatic response to the question of what we want becomes a laundry list of our circumstances followed by the decision we have made as a result of those circumstances. They are opportunities rooted in what already exists.

A coaching relationship provides a container where your wants take the lead role. Time spent determining what we really want opens a channel to align the circumstances of our lives to support our dreams and desires. When we know what we are driving towards, our determination to get there builds strength.

Today, notice the decisions you are making because of your circumstances. Where is this filter unnecessarily making its way into your life?

Give yourself a few minutes to list one thing you really want, regardless of your circumstances.