My 30 Day Challenge

Every entrepreneur talks about the moments where they feel certain they will fail - a feeling just under the surface of any pivot, success, or challenge.  Two months after leaving my career to coach full time, I see glimpses of that feeling. I understand that it will continue to rise to the surface of my thoughts, but also find myself wondering how to build a strong defense to shut those feelings down. This is my ask to my community (YOU) to help me build muscles to navigate the moments when I am certain I will fail.

Days spent tied to my home office, with little to no human interaction, bring failure to the center of my vision. I lose sight of my purpose when I am cooped up alone. Coffee dates, networking, and changing locations to the array of coffee shops within Oakland all help, but what I crave most on these days is an actual coaching session with a real client. I want the opportunity to be reminded of what coaching signifies for me by speaking with clients brave enough to seek help. The confidence gained from days spent dancing alongside clients in coaching sessions makes the foundational elements of running my business easy. It reminds me of my path and makes me feel unstoppable.

Building a service business takes time. I’ve exceeded some of my goals and expectations and failed at others. I’ve gained a better understanding of how my time as a coach will actually be allocated and the operations required to run my business that do not involve client sessions. My time will favorably skew towards client interactions as my business grows, but right now, I need to feel something substantial to sit confidently in the risks I’ve taken to do this work full time.

For 30 days, I’d like certainty that each day will bring at least one client session. I will offer one complimentary session to the first person who signs up for each day. I am asking for your help to make this a reality. I'm asking you to be witness to my talent as a coach and to show up as a my confidence partner for just one day.

I invite each of you to consider the experience of a coaching session or pass this offer along to the people in your community that could benefit from coaching. To find out more about coaching, you can visit this page that details what to expect from a coaching engagement. In 30 minutes, you will gain clarity and support in navigating whatever is present in your life today.

Thank you!